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mobile massage in Cambridge


to your journey through the world of massage!

You will learn some important things about the history and benefits of massage therapy, and about how our services work  (Mobile Massage in Cambridge UK / Cambridgeshire)​.

2nd Appointment Offer!

Big deal your second massage*

Only £55 for a 90 minute massage!

Only £69 for a 120 minute massage!​

* Restrictions

​​* Restrictions


if they can REIMBURSE you!

Clients say:

Mirko's massage is just the most relaxing experience I have had in years. My neck and back have been constantly bothering me, always stiff and hurting. After a 95' massage I felt reborn.....

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"Happy Voucher":

50% off your next massage when you buy a Voucher for a friend 
(75' or more)

Make both of you happy!
Marvelous for birthdays, Christmas and all occasions.

​You can choose between two attractive styles with their respective envelopes