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mobile massage in Cambridge

Small Print

The prices are referred to the postcode areas CB1, CB2, CB3, CB4 and CB5.

For other areas of Cambridgeshire there is an extra cost of £1 per mile between Cambridge and your postcode. The extra cost can be calculated using Google Maps. Link on the Booking page.
If in doubt please email me for a quotation.

If you live far from Cambridge a discount can be applied. Please email me for a quotation.

Service Area

It is possible to book a treatment in the evening after 20:00 only from Monday to Thursday, but there is an extra cost of £10​

Evening Service

Style 1 (Butterfly)

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(Restrictions: This offer is not valid in combination with the "Introductory Offer" and the "Loyalty Offer". The voucher will be valid for 6 months, only for sessions of at least 75 minutes. The 50% discount for you is applicable only if the receiver of the voucher is a non-client. Voucher not transferable. Any extra costs are NOT included in this offer)

Style 2 (Magnolia)

​​Mobile Service "​Special Prices" (after the first massage):

​- 75 minute massage £50 - (rather than £56)
for example minimum time required for a proper full body massage

- 90 minute massage £59​ - (rather than £68)

for example full body plus, with extra time to reach the target of the treatment or for specific areas that need more attention

- 120 minute massage for £80 (rather than £90)

e.g. luxury full body, with more time to reach the targets of the treatment, or to perform more therapeutic techniques, stretches, joints movement...

Valid until September 2019


Special "Loyalty Offer":
Buy 10 massages (75' or more each) get 1 (90' massage) FREE! 

You will be given your own Loyalty Card when you buy them. Validity 1 year.

(Restrictions: Any extra costs related to the free massage are not included. Valid until August 2017)

​​Special Offers

Great "Introductory Offer":

Big deal your first massage

Only £45 for a 80 minute massage!

Only£55 for a 100 minutemassage!

Only £65 for a 120 minute massage!

(Restrictions: This offer is not applicable to sessions that take place in a hotel room or in the masseur's place, or for a Lymphatic Drainage Massage session. Offer not valid on weekends. Valid until September 2019.)

"Happy Voucher":
50% offyour massage when you buy a Voucher for a friend
(75' or more)

Make both of you happy! Marvelous for birthdays, Christmas and all occasions.

​               You can choose between these attractive styles with their respective envelopes: