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Massage Treatments

Massage is probably the most powerful and at the same time natural way to de-stress the human body. It has the potential to alleviate pain, reduce strain, and bring relaxation and pleasure. Everyone can benefit from a good massage on a regular basis, no matter what you do.

• Massage Therapy is recognised as effective to improve blood and lymph circulation, boost immunity, induce relaxation and sense of wellbeing, and to release tension.

• It can also help manage anxiety and depression, and balance of the nervous system. 

• It deepens breathing, improves digestion, sleep, posture, dry skin, skin tone and elasticity, areas of cellulite (softening of fatty tissue), muscle tone, reduction of muscle fatigue, and increases energy.

• It can speed recovery from injury (reduce stiffness, some post-injury discomforts and posture issues), relieve pain, tension and stress, and decrease swelling.

• It has been found that the act of giving simple massage reduces stress even in the givers.

History Of Massage

The physical and psychological benefits of massage have been recognised and valued since ancient time. Early physicians, despite their limited concept of body function, were able to use massage very effectively in the treatment of fatigue, illness, and injury.

Massage is the oldest documented form of healthcare. Although the understanding of the blood circulation was incomplete at that time, in the fifth century B.C. Hippocrates described “rubbing” (massage) something “can bind a joint that is too loose, and loosen a joint that is too rigid”.

The ancient Greeks set up massage schools in their gymnasiums.

In some cultures, massage has even been used socially as an act of hospitality; an example is the lomi-lomi in Hawaii.

In Europe, massage remained an important element of healthcare throughout the duration of the Roman Empire and is widely referred to in the literature of the era.

In India, massage is considered to be indispensable, and beneficial from the cradle to the grave.

In Japan, people are regularly roused by the Shiatsu practitioner who calls from house to house asking “Shiatsu today?”. The whole family may then enjoy a refreshing treatment each.

In the United States massage is an important element of stress management programmes.

The act of giving massage has deep significance for both the giver and the receiver.

Throughout the world, massage is employed in preparation for surgery and the manipulative adjustment of chiropractic therapy. It is also used for postoperative therapy.

Today, massage is firmly established as an effective therapy.

Today many people yearn for an approach to healthcare that is based not on drugs and technology, but on the healing value of physical contact. There’s nothing mystical or romantic about this idea. The human body is a physical object that responds to physical influences. That’s why there are as many as 5.000.000 touch receptors in our skin.

I was born in Italy in 1977, where I began my massage therapy journey in 1997. I used to practice my massaging 

skills on my girlfriend, family and friends, and always received great feedback. Therefore I decided to work as a masseur for several years in a well-being centre in Italy where I had the chance to improve my technical skills. Soon I realised I was getting great professional satisfaction from giving a relaxing experience to people. At the same time I also worked as a freelancer at clients' houses in Italy. My clients enjoyed my massages!


In 2012 I decided to relocate to the UK.

At the beginning of 2013 I achieved VTCT Level 3 Certification in Body Massage in Cambridge and during this course I acquired a deeper theoretical and practical knowledge.

I also became an FHT Member. It means that I am highly qualified professional therapist who is looking to continually update my knowledge and skills by completing Continuing Professional Development (CPD). As an FHT Member I am also expected to abide by the FHT's Code of Ethics of Professional Practice that enables members to have a common guide to excellence in professional conduct and practice, and to meet and even exceed the expectations of clients.


I am friendly male, a wellness-oriented person and a passionate advocate of massage therapy as a means to achieve relaxation and a healthier life-style. I love perfecting my skills and my approach to the wonderful massage world. This is why I do care about details and clients' needs, analysing every single massage session I do with my clients.


If you have never had a professional massage from a good massage therapist you are probably unaware of the change it can make to your wellbeing.


My massage service covers Cambridge and other areas of East Anglia. In the comfort of your own home I will bring a special relaxing moment to you.

I highly suggest you just one thing: try it!
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Oldest form of medicine

​Massage is used to provide relaxation, and as a form of natural therapy for injury and the wear and tear of daily life. A simple touch can reduce the heart rate and lower the blood ​pressure.