Do you live in Cambridge or surrounding areas? Are you looking for a really effective way to relax? A deep tissue massage is the answer, because it is great for easing muscle tension. This is a specialised treatment provided by, and you cannot find it in every Cambridge spa. Deep tissue massage is a treatment that concentrates on the deep layers of muscle and fascia in your body. Our licensed therapist uses firm pressure, and slow strong strokes, which is extremely effective to ease muscle tension and stress. Deep tissue work can also help people with blood pressure problems, and over a duration of time can help  repair scar tissue. Deep tissue work is also recommended by GP’s for those who have undergone certain types of surgery. It can be very nurturing and it also activates serotonin, a hormone that triggers happiness and good feelings. If performed properly, it is not painful, despite the name might suggest it (although some people mistakenly believe that painful work is more effective - the popular fallacy “no pain, no gain”).

So before booking at a spa, consider for your next massage as an alternative to a Cambridge spa.

A deep tissue massage can be purchased as a normal booking or as a massage voucher for a friend or relative.

If you buy a massage voucher for someone you will also receive a 50% discount on your next treatment.
Once you book it, it will be delivered by hand to your door, office, or any other place in Cambridge. Purchasing a massage voucher is a thoughtful gift to give a loved one. Our mobile massage service can add that extra special something to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, Christmas, or for any other occasion or reason.

Deep-Tissue Massage
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