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I've been using Mirko for about six months now. I'd previously used a masseuse outside Cambridge and then struggled to find a good replacement that suited me. Have now found Mirko! He is professional and pays attention to what is wanted. He always seems to find that knot which has been bothering me! And he's a lovely guy, very friendly. Thank you 

Crig, Cambridge


Highly recommended. I have been having massages with Mirko for over four years on a frequent basis. It is one of my favourite treats. I have a thyroid condition (under-active) and I always feel better afterward. I have also noticed great improvement in my mobility and flexibility. The pressure is always just right for me and he is always happy to work on problem areas when requested. His manner is open and friendly and always puts me at ease. Lee 

Lee Rew, Musician, Cambridge

Always on time. Able to identify issues without having to explain much - so you end up relieving tension in places you never knew were sore. Great with kids - my 9 year old feels great after a massage from Mirko. Not the rush rush corporate person - so you feel nice and relaxed in your house with a bit of friendly chat. Whats best is - he provides a receipt and has the right qualifications - so "hassle free Insurance Claim " :) 

Lakshmi, mum / programmer, Cambridge UK

I’ve now received approximately five home-visit massages from Mirko. He has trained intensively in his craft, and his discipline and experience show. The massage itself is exceptional. Mirko eases you into a relaxed state and then works systematically through the whole body, using a combination of techniques. He reads the muscles as he works. Mirko also possesses a keen attention to detail. He will carefully heat the room, adjust the lighting, and allow you to select from a range of relaxed ambient soundscape before the session begins. Together the massage and peaceful environment are hugely restorative. Afterward, I feel more energized in the day and sleep better at night. Highly recommended! 

Taylor, Researcher, Cambridge


Mirko is an excellent, professional masseur. He is additionally blessed with an extremely pleasant personality. His massage, and post-massage advise (drink 2-3 litres of water a day) he has brought about a huge improvement in my body mobility and, more important still, in my mental state. Two days after his full body massage I feel full of energy and more optimistic than I have felt in a long time. Thank you Mirko!

Patricia Carloss Irving, Artist, Cambridge


Mirko's massage is just the most relaxing experience I have had in years. My neck and back have been constantly bothering me, always stiff and hurting. After a 95' massage I felt reborn, and for a few days I felt perfectly fine, no stiffness or pain. Mirko is very professional, nice and great at his job. He takes time to discuss anything related to the massage and lifestyle and he makes you feel comfortable. I highly recommend it to anybody!

Maria, Research Assistant, Cambridge


Mirko is the kind of masseur you confidently relax with. He moves smoothly around the table during a treatment, applying just the right pressure, testing and working on each part of the body in turn. I particularly found his work on the head to be both relaxing and therapeutic. His care for you extends beyond the session, as he gives advice on how to follow up the massage - especially by drinking plenty of water!

RLA, Lecturer, Cambridge

For me getting massage is very important to feel relaxed, I used to go in a spa in Barcellona for years and then in a beauty centre in Cambridge, but now I realised the best massages are in my room!

I don't have to cycle anymore to get my massage! It was a really nice feeling: Mirko turned my room into a quite place that aroused relaxation, and even when he left, it looked like something had remained in the room. Last friday I got the first full body massage of fantastic 100 minutes and I've already booked the same session for the next week.

I can strongly recommend Mirko's massages, and as a lover of massages, his very well organised mobile service has definitely changed the concept of massage I've ever had.

Julia Garcìa, Accountant, Cambridge

Mirko's massages are a source of relaxation for me. When he arrives I am usually in a stressed mood, but he has managed each time to make me feel with a relaxed body and a clear mind. The beneficial effects of the massage usually last for a few days. Mirko takes the time to carefully discuss what effect you would like to obtain from the massage, implements this during the massage, and is open to feedback afterwards. I highly recommend him.

Marieke Mur, Researcher, Cambridge

I have been getting massage treatments from Mirko every 2-3 weeks and I can highly recommend it to anyone. It is an enjoyable experience in its' own right and generally leaves me feeling more relaxed, sleeping better etc for several days to come. He took the time to understand the specifics of my situation (where I feel the most stress etc) and tailored the treatments according to that. There is something all-encompassing about his work as well, in my case e.g. guidance about breathing properly and drinking enough water.

​Dr. Seamus Burns, Engineer, Cambridge

I’m a swimming instructor, physiotherapist and massage therapist with a degree in sports science, and I regularly get massages from Mirko. He is very professional and a skilful masseur, and I can definitely say that I received the best swedish massages I’ve ever had in Italy and UK.

I strongly recommend him to all people I talk with. I have a full-time job and I can’t give massage anymore, but when somebody asks me for advice about a good massage therapist, I always refer them to Mirko and I’m sure they will get the best treatments.

Thanks a lot and see you soon!

Antonello Asquino, Swimming Instructor, Cambridge

Mirko made me a very relaxing full body massage. He has an energetic touch and soft hands which restored my body releasing the accumulated tension. I slept deeply for two days and I am still enjoying the benefits. I will definitely try to get into the routine of having a massage every 2-3 weeks.

Emanuela Labella, Architect on maternity leave, Cambridge

I had two massage treatments by Mirko till the present date and I am quite impressed with the sense of well-being and deep state of relaxation that I felt for hours after the massage - the quality of my sleep improved in the following two days.

I really appreciated Mirko's discreet and professional attitude and how he was able to setup a comfortable setting within my own home! I look forward to the next massage session and I am definitely keeping these massage treatments going on a regular basis, as much as possible - they genuinely helped me switch off and feel good for a few days!

Giuseppe Salone, Music Technologist, Cambridge


I would suggest to everyone to get a massage in your own house, so much more convenient than going in a beauty centre and having to cycle back home in the cold weather!!! I always feel totally relaxed afterwords and I now manage the stress at work with a smile! Mirko is very professional and he comes to your house with all the things he needs. And he is always on time. 

Elise G., Cambridge

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